Solar flasher is also called as “LED Flasher”, “Fog Light”, “Synchronized Flasher”, “Solar Signal Head”, “Solar Signaling”, “Single Flasher”, “Single Signal Head” and so on. Solar flasher operates with solar power (solar panel and batteries). It uses LEDs or power LEDs as light source. Solar flasher can operate without using energy power line. Solar flasher is a traffic signaling product which can operate 24 hours. Solar flasher is very easy to install because it does not need electrical energy. Solar flasher operates by pressing the button on the bottom after it is installed on a traffic signal pole or related mounting place. It does not require infrastructure and cabling. The battery is placed inside the solar flasher and the solar panel attached to it. Therefore, there is no need for an installation of these. Solar flashers are used to warn drivers more effectively on roads, improve traffic and road safety.

Solar flashers must be installed sun-soaked points in order to ensure the long service life. It must not used in shadows. The angle of solar panel must be adjusted at the most appropriate direction and angle according to the sun condition. Internal control and maintenance should be carried out at least once a year. Panel and battery selection should be made according to the sun condition of the area to be used (10Watt or 20Watt / 7 Ah or 18 Ah). Solar panels to be used must be IEC 61215 certified and batteries must be TS 1352 certified (TSE certified). The housing of solar flasher is made of 100 % PC material. Solar flashers must have IP 55 class as it operates at outside. The outer transparent glass of solar flasher must be made of PC material. Charge regulator and control card inside the solar flasher should charge the battery properly and allow to adjust the flash speed. Solar flashers are manufactured as red and yellow LEDs. The LED type can be power LED or 10mm LEDs. The materials to be used in solar flashers must be certified and high quality in order to use it for a long time. Solar flashers should be guaranteed for 2 years.

Solar flashers can be manufactured in different types and sizes according to the using areas. 300 mm diameter (12 inches) solar flasher are usually used on two lanes and above roads, at the beginning of the refuges, entrance of the tunnel and bridge, dangerous bends, places where driving speed is high, before the signalized intersections as warning. 200 mm diameter (8 inches) solar flashers are used in factories, universities, inside the campuses, in front of school and hospital, traffic training park for children, places where driving speed is low.