Product Code :  LD-02-03-200
Dimensions : 850 x 850 x 55 mm Housing
Weight : 14 kg.
LED : 5 mm/Red, Green, White
Energy : 220 V AC / Solar Powered(Optional)
Radar Type : Doppler Radar
Housing Type : Aluminium
Brightness Level : Automatically according to the environment
Speed Measurement Distance (Max) : 200 m

Urban speed warning system with doppler radar is a deterrent factor designed to prevent drivers from excessive speeds. It is used in many places such as airports, factories, organized industrial zones, harbors.

The speed limit can be changed by Bluetooth. The speed limit is set to at least 20 km. If the speed limit is exceeded, “slow” word appears on the bottom of the screen as red and shows the speed of the driver in red color. The purpose of the speed warning system is to ensure the driver to see the warning. Therefore, the driver may lower the speed of the vehicle. Speed warning system with doppler radar also shows the speed of the driver in green color who drive below the speed limit in green color. Doppler radar placed on the warning sign detect the speed minimum 15 mt, maximum 200 mt away. It is operating with 220 V AC.

Housing of urban speed warning system is made of aluminum with electrostatic powder paint. Housing dimensions of the product are 800 x 850 x 55 mm. Speed warning system has IP 65 protection class (resistant to dust and water). Total weight of the product is 14 kg. 5 mm red, yellow and green LEDs are used which are compatible with TS EN 12368 standards.

It is recommended that the drivers should be warned before the electrical speed warning system with doppler radar by maximum speed signs in order to aware of the speed limits.