Technical Details
Camera: 2MP colored camera
Speed Detection Unit: Microwawe Radar
Speed Violation Transfer: USB, Wi-Fi
Interface: Web Site
Speed Detection Range: 10-250 km/h
Energy: 220 V AC
Speed Warning LED Screen
Sizes: 800x850x55 mm
Weight: 14 kg
LED: 5 mm/ Red, Green, White
IP Glass: IP65
Luminious: Automatically according to evvironment
Energy: 220 V AC/ Solar Powered

New generation Radar Speed Information Screen is a constant speed detection application unit specially developed for areas like; production facilities, mines, worksites, school campuses, private business campuses, roadworks and so on. The camera automatically takes photos of violation when exceeding the speed defined in the system. These images are recorded with date, time, location information and stored in system. At the end of the day, these images are also transferred to distant point / control center (ftp server). Field security and protection units or related operators can receive PDF printout that includes photos and information regarding to the violations.

Speed violation detection system includes:

1.An Overhead Signal Pole

2.Camera Pole 6MT

3.Speed Violation Camera System

4.Radar Sensor

5.Speed Information Display with LEDs

6.Server Storage 2GB

7.Web Interface Access Screen

With the speed violation detection system with the camera, the speed violations of the drivers in the production facilities, especially in the loading areas, are greatly reduced.