Product Code : LD-02-03-250
Dimensions : 850 x 850 x 55 mm (Housing)
Weight : 14 kg. (Without solar system)
Solar Panel : 80 W
Battery : 12 V 65 Ah (Dry type)
LED : 5 mm Red, Green
Housing Type : Aluminium
IP Class : IP 65
Radar Type : Doppler Radar
Speed Measurement Distance (max) :200 m
Brightness Level : Automatically according to the environment

Solar urban speed warning system is produced to control the speed limit and warn the drivers. Drivers are warned more effectively by 80 x 85 cm solar radar system.

Solar speed warning system with radar usually used in urban roads and expressways. Apart from that, it can be used in factories and production facilities. Solar speed warning system with doppler radar can be used in places where there is lack of electricity. It also preferred in order to save energy. Today, solar energy systems are becoming widespread in all areas of life. In this way, solar systems are also preferred in traffic and road safety equipment. Housing of the solar urban speed warning system with doppler radar is made of aluminum in 800 x 850 x 55 mm. The weight is 14 kg without solar panel. There is 80 W solar panel with 12 V 65 Ah (Dry Type) battery. 5 mm LEDs are used on solar speed warning sign. It is produced according to the IP65 sealing standards. Speed measurement distance is maximum 200 mt. The brightness level has changed automatically according to the environment. In this way, it will not strain the eyes.

Solar speed warning system is easily mounted on overhead signal poles and tag poles.