Product Code : SL-02-070
Size : 650 x 650 mm
Weight : 32 kg
Solar Panel : 10 W/20 W polycrystal
Battery : 7 / 17 Ah Dry type
Reflective Material : High Performance
LED : 5 mm, Yellow, Red, White
IP Class : IP 65
Product Type and Codes:
SL-02-070 : Solar Powered School Crossing Sign 10 W
S2-02-071 : Solar Powered School Crossing Sign 20 W

In school districts, security measures must be taken for students to cross the street. Traffic signal heads must be used to stop road traffic or the necessary warning signs should be used before the drivers arrive at school. Solar powered school crossing sign is one of the most suitable LED traffic signs used in school districts. It can also be used inside the campus.

5 mm red, yellow and white LEDs are used on solar school crossing LED sign. It can operate all day and night. There are high-performance reflective sheets on it. Solar LED traffic sign maximizes visibility where the reflective sheets are insufficient.

The dimension of solar-powered school crossing sign 650 x 650 x 100 mm. The weight of the solar LED traffic sign is 32 kgs. There is 10 W solar panel with 12 V 7 Ah battery. 20 W solar panel and 12 V 17 Ah can be used as well according to the customer demands. Solar school crossing LED sign is resistant to dust and water. It is easily mounted on omega poles and signal poles with the connection apparatus behind the LED sign. Solar panel can be moved to the direction of the sun by a special apparatus.