Size : 280 x 250 x 135 mm
Weight : 0,9 kg
LED : 2 x 1 W Power LED, Red or Yellow
Material : PC-ABS
Technical Specifications : Double-faced lens structure
2 x 1.2 V 2000 mAh NiMh rechargeable battery
1 x 3 V 250 mA solar panel
2 x 1 W EN 12368 traffic standard compatible power LEDs
Product Type and Codes :
SL-01-200 : Solar Power LED Triangle Flasher (Yellow)
SL-01-201 : Solar Power LED Triangle Flasher (Red)

Solar power LED triangle flashers are used at the beginning of the road works, at the entrance of the car parking areas belongs to the public enterprises and private enterprises. Solar triangle flasher with power LEDs is very effective device to warn the drivers. It can be mounted on delineators, traffic cones, and traffic posts easily without using a screw or any other tools.

There are two power LEDs placed on both sides of the electronic cards that have TS EN 12363 standards. Also, there are 6 pieces of high performance reflective on solar triangle flasher. Those features make this product highly visible to drivers at far distances. Triangle flasher works with 2 pieces of 1.2 V 2000 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery. These batteries take the energy from 1 piece of 3 V 250 mA solar panel placed on the top of the solar flasher. The size of the product is 280 x 250 x 135 mm and the weight is approximately 900 gr.

There are two color options for solar power LED triangle flasher which is red and yellow. Lenses are made of PC material. Lenses mounted on yellow color ABS housing with 3 pieces of screws. It is resistant to high temperatures. So, it does not melt or fade in sunlight.

Before the shipment, triangle flasher is controlled by our technicians. Solar triangle flasher is shipped with its special box.