Dimension : Ø 200 mm
LED : Power LED / Yellow, Red
Weight : Standart Housing: 5 kg / Asya Housing : 5,70 kg
Light Distribution : Fresnel Lens
Protection Cover : Hermetic case
Solar Panel : 5 W polycrystal
Battery : 6 V 4 Ah Dry type
Product Type and Codes :
SL-04-01-200 : Black – Standard Housing
SL-04-02-200 : Grey-Black – Asya Housing

200 mm solar power LED flashers are very effective device in order to warn drivers. Solar flasher is aimed to slow down vehicles like other traffic signal heads. Also, it warns the drivers about road conditions. It can be used at the beginning of the refuges to determine the fork in a road. Beside that solar power LED flasher is used at the entrance of tunnels in order to provide safe passage for drivers.  Solar power LED flashers are operating without electricity infrastructure.

There is high light intensity power LED on an electronic circuit and solar charge regulator connected to the electronic circuit inside the device which can operate with several flash modes. Fresnel lens and grey glass cob web provide equal distribution of light. If the battery falls below a certain voltage value, the solar charger will cut the power and wait for the battery to charge. According to the requirement, it can operate at nights or all day.

200mm solar power LED flasher operates with 6 V 4 Ah dry type battery and 5 W polycrystal solar panel. Solar panel can be mounted on standard housing or sintra housing. Battery is placed inside the housing. Red and yellow color LED options are available.