Product Code : SL-02-060
Size : 1550 x 550 x 100 mm
Weight : 25 kg
Solar Panel : 10 W / 20 W polycrystal
Battery : 12 V 7 Ah / 17 Ah Dry type
Reflective Material : High Performance
LED : 5 mm / Red
IP Class : IP 65Product Variants and Codes:
SL-02-060 : Solar Danger Bend Direction Sign 10 W
S2-02-061 : Solar Danger Bend Direction Sign 20 W
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Ileri Traffic Market

Solar Danger Bend Sign is a powerful and effective warning sign that works with solar energy and does not require an additional source of energy. Solar panel can be moved in any direction with its special mounting equipment which provides the most suitable angle selection capability. Solar Compulsory Direction Sign is covered with high performance reflective material which enhance the visibility. Solar Powered LED Sign have the ability to flash day and night with certain periods.

Solar powered LED Signs are used at night and in dark places where the sheet reflector is insufficient. Solar Powered LED Sign can be used in express ways, city roads, children and pedestrian crossing ways, at the campus, residental sites, junctions etc.

Solar Compulsory Direction Sign reach the customer as ready for install. Once you remove the box and adjust the placement of the solar panel on it, it will be enough to install on a pole. Also it can be easily mount on omega poles and round pipe.

Soltra products are manufactured according to the traffic and roadsafety standards.

Soltra products are used in 81 cities in Turkey and used in 40 countries around the World.

SOLAR POWERED LED SIGN from Turkish Manufacturer to all over the World as traffic & road safety market leader, exports to 40 countries.