Dimensions :  120 x 270 x 84 mm
Weight :
  2 kg
Housing Type :
Housing Color :  Yellow-Black
Operating Voltage :
  220 V AC
Voice Level :
  Automatic / Acoustic Characteristic (According to the Environment dB Level)
Detection :
  Contactless Sensor
Detection Distance : 0-10 cm
Front Face :
  Illuminated (Desired Logo and Figure can be made)
Mounting :
  With rubber backboard, suitable with Standard and Overhead Signal Pole
IP Class :
  IP 65
Instructions : Contactless pedestrian button can detect the trigger signal up to 10 cm without any physical contact. It does not react to approaches less than 750 ms because of its filtered algorithms. Pedestrians must wait for at least 1 second at their sensor detection distance to create button trigger signal.

COVID-19 continues to change our way of life at every point in life. As Asya Traffic Inc, we strive to make innovations within the scope of health measures. We are happy to present our new product, “contactless pedestrian button”, in accordance with our contactless life principle. Because of its special type of sensor, it enables the system to operate remotely without touching the pedestrian button. Hope to reach healthier and happier days quickly…