Diameter : Q300 mm
Housing Colour : Black, Grey-Black
Weight : Standart Housing: 16 kg / Asya Housing : 16,5 kg
Solar Panel : 20 W polycrystal
Battery : 12 V, 18 Ah
LED : 10 mm, Yellow, Red
Synchronization : RF module and antenna
Working Modes : Wave flash mode, simultaneously flash mode
Product Type and Codes :
SL-03-01-390 : Black – Standard Housing
SL-03-03-390 :Black – Sintra Housing

RF communicated synchronized Ø300 mm LED solar powered flasher is a group of flashers that allow multiple solar powered flashers to operate synchronously with frequencies.

RF stands for radio frequencies. In this system, one solar LED flasher is selected as master (transmitter). The remaining LED flashers are identified as slave (receiver) that operate synchronously with the master flasher. Master flashers are specified with RF module inside the solar flashers. The antennas on Solar LED flasher should be positioned vertically. Because communication is provided with these antennas. There are seven different flash duration programs for RF communicated synchronized solar LED flasher. You can change the flash duration by pressing and holding the “mode” button for 2 seconds while the device is in master mode. You can change the direction of solar panels in order to increase efficiency. There are 20 W polycrystal solar panel, 12 V 18 Ah battery, RF module and antenna on the RF communicated solar LED flasher. 10 mm yellow and red LEDs are used in solar flasher with RF communicated. The housing is made of polycarbonate material.

RF communicated synchronized Ø300 mm LED solar powered flasher can operate without using an additional electrical connection. Therefore, it is preferred in areas where electricity infrastructure is limited.