Body Specifications:

Product Code : PL-08-100
Body Size : 115 x 65 x 120 cm
Weight (Empty) : 20 kg
Weight (Water Filled) : 350 kg
Material Type : LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
Reflective Type : Type-4, High Performance

Flasher Specifications :
Diameter : 200 mm
LED : Power LEDs / Yellow
Light Distribution : Fresnel Lens
Solar Panel : 5 W Polycrystal
Battery : 6 V 4 Ah Dry Type

Shock absorber water filled barrier with flashers is also known as plastic barrier or traffic barrier. It is produced by shock absorber plastic material. Also, traffic barrier is filled up with water. Therefore, in case of an accident, the damage will be minimum. For this reason, water-filled barrier becomes very popular recently.

The body size of the water filled traffic barrier is 120 x 115 x 60 cm. The empty weight of the product is 20 kg. Therefore, it can be easily transported to the desired place. It can take 330lt water. Plastic traffic barrier will not be affected by the wind when it is filled up with water. It is made of LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). Type 4 high performance reflective is used on shock absorber water filled barrier with flashers.

Diameter 200 mm solar flasher is used on shock absorber water filled barrier. This will provide good visibility at nights and in dark places where the reflective sheet is insufficient. High-quality Power LED is used for solar flasher. 5W polycrystal solar panel and 6 V 4 Ah dry type battery is used to operate 200 mm solar flasher.

Shock absorber water filled barrier frequently used at the beginning of the refuges and where there is a fork in a road. There is no mounting process for traffic barrier. Just placed the product and filled up with water. There is a water intake gate at the top of the plastic barrier in order to fill water. Also, there is a drain plug to below the traffic barrier.