Product code : PL-07-100
Size : 740 x 150 x 100 mm
Material : Rubber
Weight : 6,50 kg
Color Options : Black
Reflector : 4 x Reflective Yellow Road Tape
Fixation : 10 x 150 mm Trifon screw, 16 mm Plastic screw

Rubber parking car stopper is a road safety product which is used in all parking lots such as shopping malls, in front of the markets, parking lots of houses, garages etc… Parking car stopper also known as wheel stopper, garage car stopper, car stopper and so on. Customers may use it for a long time by its high-quality rubber material.

In addition to those usage areas above, it can be used as road separator on bicycle roads. Therefore, wheel stopper provides a safe environment by dividing bicycle road from pedestrian road or vehicle road. Car stoppers manufactured by Asya Traffic Inc. is comply with Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. There are 4 pieces of reflective tape on rubber car stopper. Reflective tapes provide high visibility at nights. The sizes are 74 x 15 x 10 cm and 6,5 kg. There are 3 pieces of mounting holes on car stopper.

It is very practical product used in front of buildings, shops and all parking areas. In parking lots, two pieces of car stopper required for a vehicle. Wheel stoppers does not give any damage to cars by its ideal height. It is preferred in many projects because of its stylish look.

It is fixed to the ground with 3 screws and fixing plug. It is shipped with 10 x 150 mm triphone screw and plastic fixing plug.