Size : 80 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight : 2,15 Kg
Technical details : 8 x reflective yellow road tape
Material : Rubber
Fixation : 6 x plastic fixing plug and screw

Rubber Carpark Corner Guard makes it now very easy to protect the vehicles in parking lots. With the Rubber Car Park Corner Guard, you can both reduce the damage of the vehicles and protect buildings from being harmed. Rubber Car Park Corner Guard is made of rubber material and is resistant to impacts.

Dimension of the Rubber Car Park Corner Guard is 80 x 10 x 10 cm and weight is 2,75 kg. Reflective material provides clear night vision and makes it easy to notice. Rubber Car Park Corner Guard also helps drivers to determine distance. If you are looking for a solution to column protecting this product is for you.

It is shipped as a set together with mounting equipment.

Plastra products are manufactured according to the traffic and roadsafety standards.

Plastra products are used in 81 cities in Turkey and used in 40 countries around the World.

RUBBER CAR PARK CORNER GUARD from Turkish Manufacturer to all over the World as traffic & road safety market leader, exports to 40 countries.