Purpose Of Installation Of Signalling Systems (Chapter 1)

Signalling systems are generally;

  • Direction of pedestrian and vehicle flows,
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrian and bicycle riders,
  • Regulation of the density of vehicle traffic on main and secondary roads,
  • Prioritization of public transport,
  • Reduce the environment pollution,

Installing for this purposes.

The requirements of police and rescue vehicles may also require the installation of signaling equipment.

It should be noted that signal control affects fuel consumption, exhaust and noisy emissions of motor vehicles and speed of motor vehicles in residential areas.

Before the signaling equipment is installed, it is recommended that traffic safety or traffic flow should be as follow;

  • Installization of service roads,
  • Removal of secondary roads,,
  • Prohibition of returns for a certain period of time or permanently,

Whether it can be improve or not by using the above measures.

Traffic Safety

If accidents occurring by means of the signaling installation and the measures taken to prevent such accidents (for example, speed restrictions, ban on passage or structural access assistance for cyclists and pedestrians) are ineffective the following cases can be applied for this situations –

  • Occurrence of right of way accidents,
  • Heavy traffic or excessive speed on the main road,
  • Inadequate visibility at the intersection where traffic safety cannot be provided otherwise or failure to grasp the right of way superiority sufficiently,
  • Compared to the traffic density on the main road, there is heavy traffic at the entrance to the secondary intersection
  • Accidents occur between left-turners and those coming from opposite directions or between motorists and bicycle riders and pedestrians.

In order to ensure the safety of bicycle riders, pedestrians, elderly people, disabled people and children on roads that without adequate safety measures, a signalization system should be installed.

If traffic safety is expected to be compromised by new road construction or roadway changes, a signaling system should be installed.

Considering the establishment of traffic safety measures at intersections on the road which is not yet completed, relatively higher speeds should be considered. Due to the high speed, there are important hazards for pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the road and for vehicles that are required to stop. The use of signals on such roads can increase the safety of traffic flow.

The effect of the usage of signalization on traffic safety should be examined through accident analysis after a period of time, such as one year.