One of the big differences of Asya Traffic Inc. which has property of supplying unconditionally all products you need in traffic field is being able to provide engineering service. It is obvious that when a road intersection which is treated as simple signalization study is configured incorrectly can cause the accidents that causes the human death.

Thats why,building traffic systems without knowing fundamental properties, analyzing the periodical changes, take into account the geophysical , social and dynamic items that have a part in the traffic flow, analysing volume and density, determining the speed and delay etudes, taking into consideration the road and intersection properties, intersection manoeuvre properties, capacities of intersections and other factors can cause big problems. Little value changes in timing can turn a successful project into chaos.

Asya Traffic Inc. provides solutions in the Traffic technical field to you with its professional engineering personel. Our studies which were formed by Professional technical personel and also shaped using computer aided design tools are carried out by our substructure personel which have a lot of experience and knowledge which is based on years.

Asya Traffic Inc. which has rightful fame in delivery and after sale technical support topics in Turkey becomes a indispensable solution partner for every corporation which encounters unfavorable situations like inconvenient product , incomplete project design, usage of poor quality product, lack of technical support. Asya Traffic Inc. provides Project desining starting from a small intersection in the city, to the parking lots of the shopping centers in which decreasing and increasing number of parking lots by day and hour, to the students and personnel traffic of the universities, and to the traffic flow of the highways. Asya Traffic Inc., which has the world’s biggest intelligent traffic system producers among its business partners, has become the most powerful traffic project company by combining its application experience and its success with its business partners’ know-how.