Product Code : PL-03-200
Dimension : 450 x 80 mm
Base Size : Ø205 mm
Weight : 0.90 kg
Material : TPU
Color Options : Orange, other colors are optional
Techincal Detail : Flexible, Unbreakable
Fixation : 10 x 100 mm Trifon screw, 16 mm Plastic Fixing Plug

The 45 cm asya delineator is one of the traffic safety equipment used as a road separator in private projects and government agency. In addition to being the most widely used orange color, different colors are used in special projects.

There are 2 pcs circular reflective tape slots which have 65 mm wide and 1 mm deep on the delineator. There are 3 holes in the base of the delineator and installation to the floor is provided through these holes. The biggest feature of the delineator is that when pushed even with the power of a finger, it easily lies down to the ground and then gets back to its former form. This prevents damage to the material even if vehicle passes over it in an emergency and does not cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.

Flexible Delineators : It is produced by TPU material. Technical values of the TPU material are approximately;

Hardness (Shore A) : 95

Intensity (g/cm3) : 1,22

Tensile Strength (Mpa) : 42

Tear Strength (N/mm) : 160

Wearing Resistance (mm3) : 35