Material : Galvanised Omega Profile
RF-01-400 : 2 mt length – 3 mm diameter
RF-01-100 : 2,5 mt length – 3 mm diameter
RF-01-401 : 2,5 mt length – 4 mm diameter
RF-01-200 : 3 mt length – 3 mm diameter
RF-01-300 : 3 mt length – 4 mm diameter
RF-01-403 : 3,5 mt length – 4 mm diameter
Hole Diameter : 10 mm ( +/- % 10)
Hole Interspace : 20 mm ( +/- % 10)
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Ileri Traffic Market

Omega pole is a supplementary product used in mounting traffic signs and solar traffic signs that used to provide safety on roads. It can be used in small towns and villages where there is no need for big road signs. Omega poles can be used in all kind of weather conditions due to its galvanized structure.

The length of omega pole can be changed according to customer requirements as 2 m, 2.50 m, 3 m, 3.50 m and 4 m. There are two types of diameters for omega poles; 3 mm and 4 mm. Omega poles are fixed 30 cm below to the ground with omega pole machine.

Omega poles have low-cost comparing to standard pole, overhead pole and tag pole. There are many holes on omega pole. Therefore, traffic signs can be mounted on any height. Also, these holes on omega pole make it is possible to install more than one road sign on it.