Sizes : Standard
Sign Board : 2 mm Galvanised Metal Sheet
Reflective : (Type I) Engineering Grade
Fixation : Applicable to Omega Pole
Product Type and Codes :
RF-01-01-0060 : Circular Traffic Sign Board (60 cm)
RF-01-01-6060 : Square Traffic Sign Board (60×60 cm)
RF-01-01-0U90 : Triangle Traffic Sign Board (90 cm)
RF-01-01-0U75 : Triangle Traffic Sign Board (75 cm)
RF-01-01-5075 : Rectangle Traffic Sign Board (50×75 cm)
RF-01-01-0S60: : Octangle Traffic Sign Board (60 cm)
RF-01-01-0S75: : Octangle Traffic Sign Board (75 cm)
RF-01-01-30100 : Rectangle Traffic Sign Board (30×100 cm)
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Ileri Traffic Market

Normal performance reflective traffic signs are used to warn drivers for traffic guiding and informing in the city. Traffic signs have vital importance of traffic flow. The purpose of the traffic sign is to warn the drivers in order to maintain traffic flow and prevent any accidents.

Traffic signs are produced by covering reflective material on 2 mm galvanized metal sheet. The reflective sheet projects the vehicle headlights at nights. Therefore, drivers can see the road sign clearly. Road signs are not only used in cities. It also used in car parks in order to provide information for drivers. For example; it can be used to show entrance and exits of car parking area, maximum speed limit signs, speed bump sign and so on. Traffic signs are manufactured according to standards of directorate general for highways. However, it can be manufactured in different sizes for special projects. Sheet thickness is usually 2 mm, but it can be produced as 1,5 mm and 2 mm. Triangle, round, square, rectangle shapes are used to manufacture traffic signs. Type 1 (normal performance) used on traffic signs as reflective type.

Traffic signs are mounted on omega poles with a screw. It can also mount on every type of signal pole with clamps. You can find our references regarding traffic signs on our website or by contacting us.