SN-06-01-150 : SSM Module
SN-06-01-151 : CPU Module
SN-06-01-152 : MMI Module
SN-06-01-153 : PSM Module
SN-06-01-154 : BP Module
SN-06-01-155 : IO Module 8 Button

There are several cards required to give different functions to the maestro intersection controller.

SN-06-01-150: SSM (Signal Switching Module) Module: Each module operates 4 groups and it determines how many groups the intersection controller will be. Each SSM operates 4 different groups of a traffic light. The number of traffic lights in the same group can be more than one.

SN-06-01-151: CPU Module: It is the central processing unit module. CPU module produced as a dual-core processor. One processor check that whether the signals are correct and operate properly, another processor performs the rest of the system checks and runs. It checks the accuracy of incoming signals and sends this information to the SSM module.

SN-06-01-152: MMI Module: MMI stands for man-machine interface. It is the information input module. Allows the working status of the intersection to be shown on the screen. On this screen, we can check which program is running on the intersection controller. It also allows you to choose other programs installed on the intersection controller device.

SN-06-01-153: PSM Module: It is the power supply module for the system. Voltage and frequency are measured instantly by the transformers on PSM and transmit this information to the CPU. All power requirements of the system are met through this module.

SN-06-01-154: BP Module: It is a unifying module that enables the cards on the device to be connected and to communicate with each other.

SN-06-01-155: I/O Module: It is the input and output card required for connection of external equipment such as loop and pedestrian button.