The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) approval
Microcontroller-based modular structure
Easy programming with the Bluetooth or USB interconnection
Up to 32 signal groups, 32 and 32 isolated from the loop detector input
Precision lamp current and voltage controls and secure signaling
4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 group opportunities
Ethernet, GPRS and SMS remote connection options
2 separate programming interface for new and experienced users
All entries for the measurement of compliance with the census and occupancy rate
External connections for 1 x USB Port
16 units 16 units in different phases defined in phase and signal plan
48 units 16 units the signal sequence using the steps described in step
Traffic Adaptive mode of operation for the logical function blocks
Opening and closing sequences
In order to avoid the unsafe or defective sinyalizasyona traffic signal plans for using the signal outputs to simulate
The status of normal and fault modes, flash, flash, colors and frequencies
Certificates : TS EN 12675, HD 638
Product Types and Codes:
SN-06-01-100 : 4 gr Maestro Pedestrian Controller
SN-06-01-101 : 8 gr Maestro Intersection Controller
SN-06-01-102 : 12 gr Maestro Intersection Controller
SN-06-01-103 : 16 gr Maestro Intersection Controller
SN-06-01-104 : 20 gr Maestro Intersection Controller
SN-06-01-105 : 24 gr Maestro Intersection Controller
SN-06-01-106 : 32 gr Maestro Intersection Controller

Intersection controller is designed to control traffic flow and traffic lights in signalized intersections, in order to provide safe traffic. Intersection controller designates the duration of red light, yellow light, and green light. It also designates the sequence of the traffic lights.Maestro controllers have TS EN 50556 quality standard. 4 groups, 8 groups, 12 groups, 16 groups, 20 groups, 24 groups, and 32 groups options are available. 4 group intersection controllers are also known as pedestrian controller. The number of groups is determined according to the number of traffic signal heads on the intersection. Maestro intersection controller can be easily programmed by Bluetooth and USB. There are two separate programming interfaces for new users and experienced users. There are 2 pieces of USB port for external connections.

Green wave system can be established by GPS Modules that installed on maestro intersection controller. Therefore, intersections can operate synchronized. Intersection controllers can be controlled by central management system and possible problems can be detected. This will provide an advantage to solve the problems faster.

It is recommended that the controller device should be placed near to electrical panel. It must not prevent vehicle traffic or pedestrian traffic.