Product Code :  LD-04-01-203
Size :  15 x 35 x 50 cm
IP Class:  IP 66
Operating Mode:  Always ON – Flash – Sequential for each side
Max. Number of Buttons :  50 – 100 (According to the Project)
Input Voltage:  220 V AC
Output Voltage :  24 V DC
Output Terminals:  4
Control Modes:  With LCD Screen inside the cabinet or with SCADA

This system enables the electrical road stud to operate in desired mode. The device can be controlled from one center by SCADA control system or serial communication system.

Tunnel / road stud control unit provides manual programming and flexible programming to the users. It is durable and long lasting with its electrostatic exterior paint and metal sheet exterior body.

LED road stud controller;

  • Operating with 220 V AC
  • There are 4 independent outputs.
  • Output triggered on the minus side.
  • Scada control system is available.
  • Serial communication system is available.
  • There is 16 x 2 LCD screen on the device.
  • There is a keypad for programming and changing modes on the device.
  • Terminal with 4-ampere glass fuses is used at each output.

LED road stud controller unit is the part where programs are prepared and saved. Programming can be done with the help of the keypad located on the control unit. There are 3 customizable, total 64 different operating modes available in the device.