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LD-02-03-250 | Solar Urban Speed Warning System with Doppler Radar

Product Code : LD-02-03-250
Dimensions : 850 x 850 x 55 mm (Housing)
Weight : 14 kg. (Without solar system)
Solar Panel : 80 W
Battery : 12 V 65 Ah (Dry type)
LED : 5 mm Red, Green
Housing Type : Aluminium
IP Class : IP 65
Radar Type : Doppler Radar
Speed Measurement Distance (max) :200 m
Brightness Level : Automatically according to the environment

Solar Urban Speed Warning System is a powerful and effective warning sign that works with solar energy and does not require an additional source of energy. Solar panel cen be moved in any direction with its special mounting equipment which provides the most suitable angle selection capability.

Solar Urban Speed Warning System made of metal or aluminium housings with IP 65 protection class, LEDs that meets EN 12368 and EN 12966 standards. Costumized sizes or LED colors related to Highways or Municipalities can be designed.

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