Product Code : SRS-01
Dimensions : 151 x 145 x 390 mm
Weight : 2,4 kg
Case : IP 66 Polycarbon
Camera Sensor : 1/3 inch high-sensivity CCD
Total Power Consumption : 6 W
Power Input : 220 V AC
Environmental Conditions : -20°C ~ +70°C / 30 ~ %90RH

Intelligent Traffic Camera, SERIS vehicle counting system, is a vision based system which enables to count vehicles passing through any road section, 7/24, under all weather conditions. The system is capable of sending the processed data to any remote terminal both in wired and wireless fashion.

The system is composed of an analog/digital video camera, a TI-powered image processing board and a wireless communucation module all placed in an IP66 standard housing.

SERIS module can provide average vehicle speeds through the video image based vehicle tracking.

SERIS module can also be used to measure traffic density. SERIS module has 25 fps and 1/3” image sensor. SERIS module has 540 TV Line PAL standards resolution.

Due to innonative set of in-house designed algorithms and image processing boards, the SERIS module is capable of full performance during day and night, providing each time it is used flawless counting’s. The SERIS module is capable of counting during any sort of light condition.

The image processing algorithms, running on digital image processing boards maket he overall system robust against illumination changes and variation in the instantaneous vehicle traffic, resulting in an average error of less than % 5 in the vehicle account.

SERIS has a higher performance than other alternatives noticeably, through the hardware-specific algorithms developped.

CHAOS™ is a video image based ‘Integrated Smart Junction Management System’ which aims to control the signalized junctions based on the vehicle density and average vehicle speed for all directions within the junction. The system decreases average waiting time of the vehicles at any junction where it is installed, by more than %30.

CHAOS™ is mainly composed of the following subsystems:

  • SERIS, vision based vehicle counting system
  • CENTRIS, central processing unit

CHAOS™ includes one SERIS subsystem at every single direction of a junction to obtain the vehicle density and average speed of vehicles fort hat specific direction. These data is collected from all directions of the junction and then sent to CENTRIS, the central processing unit, which manages the signalization. CENTRIS produce the decision of which direction to be lighten green and sends the proper control command to the signal controller. CENTRIS runs SINGULARIS algorithms to produce the decision. CENTRIS is actually an electronic board with an interface to signal controllers which is available at every junction. For a 4-way junction, a standard embodiment of CHAOS™ includes 4 SERIS and 1 CENTRIS subsystems all connected with wireless communication modules.