Billion Intelligent City Lighting System offers unprecedented lighting control experience to monitoring, managea nd optimize the Street lighting. Reliable Street lighting which strengthened by these systems improves effectively the rural roads, urban streets, highways, trade areas and settlements.

7/24 supervision system transmits the malfunctions immediately in order to prevent blackout and to protect the safety of our society. Billion Intelligent City Lighting System can be configured as comprehensive profile of Street lighting performance. Represents extraordinary Street lighting management system by showing the lighting condition in details with reliable data accuracy.

Through this system, you can remotely set dimming times to meet regulatory andspecification requirements, you can supervise all street lighting.

BillionIntelligent City LightingSystembasicallyconsist of fourcomponents:

• Billion SG7500 – Powerline Control Adaptor
• Billion SG7510 – Intelligent Lighting Control Device
• Billion SG7530 – Wireless adaptor
• Billion LCMS Cloud – Cloud software, Lighting Control and Management Panel

Intelligent lighting can be applied to both indoor and outdoor. Intelligent lighting offers energy saving in the region where it is applied. Also, maintenance and repairs will be faster and easy by its own control panel and monitoring system.