Material : PPC-PVC
Reflective : Micro Prismatic
Color Options : Red
Tech. Details : Portable, Collapsible Bases
Product Types and Codes :
PE-50-12415DBR : 480 x 200 x 1000 mm / 11.5 kg
PE-50-12416DBR : 450 x 200 x 700 mm / 6.5 kg
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Ileri Traffic Market

Collapsible Warning Board is used to separate work areas, parking areas. İn addition to that it can be used in personal parking places.

Collapsible Warning Board is easily recognized by micro-prismatic reflective on it.

Collapsible bases make it very easy to use.

Plastra products are manufactured according to traffic and road safety standards.

Plastra products are used in 81 cities in Turkey and used in 40 countries around the World.

WARNING SIGN from Turkish Manufacturer to all over the World as traffic & road safety market leader, exports to 40 countries.