Product Code : SN-15-031
Dimensions : 151 x 145 x 390 mm
Weight : 2,4 kg
Case : IP 66 Polycarbon
Processor : ARM Cortex™ – A8 Processor
Total Power Consumption : 5 W
Power Input : 220 V AC
Environmental Conditions : 20°C ~ +70°C / 30 ~ %90RH

Intelligent Traffic Management Unit, CENTRIS is an image processing based, Intelligent Junction Control Module, which is an ‘Intelligent Traffic System’ Works by making calculations that are based on the crowdedness on the junction instead of fixed signalization times. The decision produced by the Central Processing Unit, CENTRIS are based on the video image gathered by the cameras (SERIS modules), which in turn gathers values, as vehicle numbers, and average vehicle speeds.

FIXIS uses ‘Cumulative Vehicle Count’ method where service and demand data is collected for every single leg connected to the junction. FIXIS produces the most efficient signal durations as it uses the service values which Show great variation among junctions. FIXIS is produced to determine the optimal signal durations for a signallized junction. The output of this software is monitored and its efficiency is tested in the simulation environment. FIXIS can easily be used without the need for long-term training, thanks to its user friendly interface. All sorts of digital data belongning to the junction can easily be read, thanks to its graphical interface.

SINGULARIS algorithms of CHAOS System, which enable the management of a junction totally based on vehicle density, are adapted as an add-on module to the world’s best seller Micro-Simulation tool, VISSIM. The add-on module will be available worldwide with the next release of VISSIM, according to the agreement hold between ISSD and PTV AG, manufacturer of VISSIM and many other simulation tools. Through the SINGULARIS algorithms, CHAOS™ decreases the average vehicle waiting time by up to %42 considering the fixed-time systems.

CHAOS™ is a video image based ‘Integrated Smart Junction Management System’ which aims to control the signalized junctions based on the vehicle density and average vehicle speed for all directions within the junction. The system decreases average waiting time of the vehicles at any junction where it is installed, by more than %30.

CHAOS™ is mainly composed of the following subsystems:

  • SERIS, vision based vehicle counting system
  • CENTRIS, central processing unit

CHAOS™ includes one SERIS subsystem at every single direction of a junction to obtain the vehicle density and average speed of vehicles fort hat specific direction. These data is collected from all directions of the junction and then sent to CENTRIS, the central processing unit, which manages the signalization. CENTRIS produce the decision of which direction to be lighten green and sends the proper control command to the signal controller. CENTRIS runs SINGULARIS algorithms to produce the decision. CENTRIS is actually an electronic board with an interface to signal controllers which is available at every junction. For a 4-way junction, a standard embodiment of CHAOS™ includes 4 SERIS and 1 CENTRIS subsystems all connected with wireless communication modules.