Diameter : 200 mm
Housing / Mask Material Type : Polycarbonate (% 100 PC)
Housing Color : Black / Grey-Black
Color : 5 mm / Red, Green
Input Voltage: 220 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption :  15 Watt / Module
Product Type and Codes :
SN-01-05-250 : Black / Standard Housing/ 4,00 kg
SN-04-05-250 : Black / Sintra Housing/ 4,00 kg
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Ileri Traffic Market

Traffic lights do not only provide safety for vehicles but also for pedestrians. Traffic signal head with two modules which is consist of red and green light is used to regulate the pedestrian crossings. Red light indicates that the road is closed for pedestrians. Green light indicates that pedestrians can pass safely.

200mm animated pedestrian signal head is aimed to draw attention to pedestrians and it is designed as animated which is different from conventional standing man and walking man figures. A single module contains both standing man and walking man figures. 200 mm animated pedestrian signal head is mounted on standard traffic signal pole and mast arm traffic signal pole.  5 mm LEDs are used for this product that consists of 78 pieces of red LEDs and 158 pieces of green LEDs. Power consumption of animated pedestrian signal head is 15 W per module and operates with 220 V AC. There are two different housing options are available as standard housing and sintra housing.

Visor, two brackets and one 115 x 135 mm clamp are shipped with animated pedestrian signal head. Transparent front cover provides a clear vision for figure moves.