Product Code: SN-07-008
Dimensions: 120 x 270 x 84 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Body Type: Polycarbonate
Body Color: Yellow-Black
Operating Voltage: 220 V AC
Voice Level: Automatic / Acoustic Characteristic (According to the Environment dB Level)
Detection: Touch Sensor
Front Face: Illuminated (Desired Logo and Figure can be made)
Mounting: With rubber backboard, suitable with Standard and Overhead Signal Pole
IP Class: IP 65

Accessible pedestrian touch button is belonging to the sintra acoustic audible pedestrian product group. Accessible pedestrian touch button is aimed to increase the pedestrian crossings over signalized intersections. Pedestrian button is designed to warn and guide pedestrians especially visually impaired people.

Total weight of accessible pedestrian touch button is only 2 kg. Housing dimension is 120 x 270 x 84 mm which is made of polycarbonate material. There are yellow and black housings options are available for pedestrian button with touch sensor. When you touch the sensor, pedestrian button will detect it. Therefore, it will warn the pedestrians vocally. Pedestrian touch button has audible property and the voice level is increased or decreased according to the environment dB level. The desired logo or figure can be made to the front face of accessible pedestrian touch button. It is manufactured according to the IP65 standards. Capacitive touch button is operated with 220 V. Audio can be made in any language. There are beep tone and warning messages options are available for accessible pedestrian touch button.

So, why is the pedestrian button is necessary? Crossing across the street is almost impossible nowadays in heavy traffic. Therefore, pedestrian crossing controlled with traffic light. However, in intersections without pedestrian button vehicles was stopped even if there is no pedestrian. Now, with pedestrian buttons, the system is activating when there are pedestrians. Therefore, it makes road traffic more flow.