Asya Traffic Inc., was founded to serve in;
• Traffic Systems,
• Signalling Systems,
• Road Safety Products,
• Solar Powered Systems,
• LED Based Systems,
• Traffic Signboard
• Software, Project and Design fields at the year of 2011.
Accordingly, Asya Traffic Inc. which is serving with a capacity which increases every year, is Turkey’s the most favorite production, project and application company in it’s own sector today.

In our rapidly getting crowded world, when we take into consideration people bustling and moving any moment, all the people approve significance of orderly, securely, speedy traffic. Arriving of people at the place they wanted on time and safely is our fundamental production approach. Therefore every product which was produced at the Asya Traffic Inc. Plants is ergonomic, long lived and functional.

When keeping in view the situation that “Traffic” topic causes a big problem in the world and especially in our country , our primary aim is to offer solutions and to follow, improve , apply the innovations in the world. Definitely, human and environmental factor in the all studies we made accordingly are our the foremost topic.
Today our biggest honor is the contribution of our products which provides safety in local, parking areas, places where traffic density to the human life.

Thats why, we regard every solution we serve up as not “only a job” approach of with the maximization of efficiency and performans, minimization of danger risk. We can say that the biggest property which makes us different at the point we have reached is providing different engineering solutions in the traffic field. We don’ t regard our job as“only selling product”. Yes we give warranty of providing service and maintenance duty, high quality material, technological innovations they wanted to the people who are interested in traffic or the people who have problems with traffic.

Manufacture Capacity

Asya Traffic Inc. is the leader traffic company of Turkey in terms of capacity and quality in the field of traffic and road safety. Asya Traffic Inc. has beside experienced engineer, technician and also assembling team who has completed countless projects in the substructure and installation job for a long time is the leader of the sector with staff quality.

Asya Traffic Inc. which is carrying out continuously its studies at the routine project and production stages at the same contributes to teoritical development at the Traffic Engineering Field and the improvements of traffic science in Turkey with its professional engineer staff’s academic studies.

Service Mentality

As being Asya Traffic Inc. unconditioned customer satisfaction is our fundamental principle. Reaching customer efficiently, understanding requests of customers and directing our services into this direction is very important for us at the environment where products’s time for entering market, increasing competition in almost all market and decreased margin.

Aim of the Asya Traffic Inc. is serving its customers by knowing that service for our country which developing and progressing is motherland debt, improving itself continuously without making concessions its princibles about its work life it protected and developed. Primary criteria of our firm is quality of product not price of product. Our company which works together with the well known suppliers of the world in its field provides reliable and high quality products to its customers.

Asya Traffic Inc. who has established customer communication from beginning selection of right product to after sale technical services onto the principle of clearness,taked opinion of ”honest enterprise” by its customers up seriously.


We have modern and classified showroom, where you can see our traffic signs, traffic systems while they are working, which are produced by Asya Traffic Inc. You can view all our product segments from LED Products to Solar Products.

Testing Laboratory

Our Traffic Road Safety products are manufactured according to “IP Standard of Protection Against Water and Dust”. Different traffic signs or other group products have different IP certificates ( IP54, IP55, IP65, IP67).

Before shipment of Traffic Road Safety products, testing electrical, electronical, water and dust test and then packing.