Abbreviations used in Traffic Signaling and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The terms and abbreviations used in articles or books in the scope of traffic signaling, road safety, and intelligent transportation systems can be as follows.


AASHTO : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ABS : Anti-Block System

ARRB : Australian Road Research Board

ASKS : Adaptive Signalization Control System

ATC : Advanced Traffic Control

AUS : Intelligent Transportation Systems

C2C : Center to Center

C2F : Center to Field

CAD : Computer Aided Design

CSB : Geographical Information Systems

CCTV : Closed Circuit Television

CPU : Central Processing Unit

DCM : Data Collection and Monitoring

DIN : Deutsches Institut für Normung

VMS : Variable Message System

EDMYB : Accessible and Variable Message Pedestrian Button

EMI : Electro Magnetic Interference

ESD : Electrostatic Discharge

FHWA : Federal Highway Administration

FMS : Field Management Stations

GPRS : General Packet Radio Service

GPS : Global Positioning System

GS : Transition Period

HCM : Highway Capacity Manual

HDPE : High Density Polyethylene

IEEE : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

ITE : Institute of Transportation Engineers

ICD : Intersection Controller Device

KGM : General Directorate of Highways

LED : Light Emitting Diode

MOVA : Microprocessor Optimized Vehicle Actuation

MS : Minimum Duration

MUS : Minimum Warning Time

MUTCD : Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NEMA : The National Electrical Manufacturers Actuation

NTCIP : National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol

OBE : Automobile Unit Equivalent

OCIT : Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems

OTS : Open Traffic Systems

PC : Polycarbonate

PCB : Printed Circuit Board

PVC : Poly Vinyl Chloride

RILSA : Richtlinien für Lichtsingnalanlagen

RTA : Australia Road & Traffic Authority

SCOOT : Split, Cycle and Offset Optimization Technique

SMPS : Switch Mode Power Supply

SOS : Self Optimizing Signal Control

STMF : Simple Transportation Management Framework

SVM : Signaling Module

TCP/IP : Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

TMDD : Traffic Management Data Dictionary

TRANSYT : Traffic Network Study Tool

TRB : Transportation Research Board

TSE : Turkish Standards Institution

TSH : Design Hourly Volume

TSL : Traffic Signal Head

TSP : Transit Signal Priority

TSS : Transportation Sensor Systems

TTU : Complete Traffic Warning

TYSM : Center of Traffic Management System

UDP/IP : User Datagram Protocol/Internet Protocol

USB : Universal Serial Bus

UTMC : Urban Traffic Management System

UYM : Transportation Management Center

VGİ : Video Display Processors

WAN : Wide Area Network

YOGT : Average Annual Daily Traffic

YTU : Semi – Traffic Warning