Body Size : 600 x 470 x 45 mm
Header Size : 600 x 300 x 45 mm
Material : Rubber
Color Options : Black
Weight : Body: 10.50 kg
Header: 4.00 kg
Tech. Details : 4/6 x reflective yellow road tape
Fixation : 10 x 120 mm Trifon screw,
16 mm Plastic fixing plug
Product Types and Codes:
PL-01-300 : Body / 4 Tape 500 x 600 x 45 mm
PL-01-400 : Body / 6 Tape 500 x 600 x 45 mm
PL-01-401 : Header / 600 x 300 x 45 mm
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Ileri Traffic Market

Speed bump is an elevation placed parallel to the roads that aimed to provide safety for pedestrians. There are varieties such as concrete speed bump, cable protector speed bump and rubber speed bumps. Speed bumps are also known as speed breaker, speed hump, sleeping policeman and so on…

50 x 60 cm rubber speed bump is made from flexible, light and durable rubber raw material. It is also suitable for recycling. It is easy to combine pieces by its special structure. According to the length of the road, customers may order the desired length. Rubber speed bump has 60 cm in width and 4,50 cm height. Therefore, it is ideal for slowing down cars and heavy vehicles. 2 pieces of header fixed at the beginning and at the end of the speed bump in order to ensure the durability of the speed bump. The body of the 50 x 60 cm rubber speed bump is 10,50 kg and the header is 4,00 kg. There are yellow reflective road tapes with glass beads on rubber speed bump. Customers may order rubber speed bump with four reflective road tapes or with six reflective road tapes.

50 x 60 cm rubber speed bump mounted on the ground by triphone screw and plastic fixing plug.