Diameter: Ø 300 mm
LED : 10 mm LED or Power LED / Yellow, Red
Weight : Standart Housing: 14,50 kg Asya Housing : 15,70 kg
Module : 2 pcs flasher
Solar Panel : 20 W polycrystal
Battery : 2 pcs 12 V 7 Ah Dry type
Product Type and Codes :
SL-05-01-300 : Black – Standard Housing
SL-05-02-300 : Grey-Black – Asya Housing
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Ileri Traffic Market

Solar Double Flasher are used in places such as refuge head, bridge and tunnel entrance which are dangerous in terms of traffic safety. Solar Double Flashers have an adjustable flash speed and the ability to select the most appropriate angle for a solar panel setup. It is easy to install without requiring infrastructure work.

Solar powered flashers are used at night and in dark places where the sheet reflector is insufficient. Solar powered flashers can be used in express ways, city roads, children and pedestrian crossing ways, at the campus, residental sites, junctions etc.

It is shipped as a set together with mounting equipment.

Soltra products are manufactured according to the traffic and roadsafety standards.

Soltra products are used in 81 cities in Turkey and used in 40 countries around the World.

SOLAR POWERED FLASHERS from Turkish Manufacturer to all over the World as traffic & road safety market leader, exports to 40 countries.