Diameter (LED module) : 200 mm
Housing / Mask Material Type : Polycarbonate (% 100 PC)
Housing Color : Black
LED (Type / Color) : Power LED, Red / Yellow
Light Distribution : Fresnel Lens
Power Factor : PF > 0.9, THD < %20
Power Consumption : 8 Watt / Module
Input Voltage:  220 V AC 50 Hz
Certificates : TS EN 12368:2015, IP 65
Product Type and Codes :
SN-04-02-275 : Black / Sintra Housing
SN-01-02-275 : Black / Standard Housing

200 mm single signal head with sintra power LED also known as fog lamp is a member of sintra power LED products. 200 mm single signal head is usually used to warn drivers before intersections where there is mist at high altitude regions. As in all our traffic lights, single signal heads are also very useful product that regulates the traffic flow.

Single signal heads are used to designate right of way at intersections. Single signal head is also act as a regulator at uncontrolled intersections. All the traffic lights that manufactured by Asya Traffic Inc, successfully passed the necessary test steps and have TS EN 12368:2015, IP 65 certificates. 200 mm single signal head has polycarbonate housing. Red or yellow color options are used in modules.

Single signal head can also be used to provide returning priority at roundabouts by using arrow mask which made of polycarbonate material. In this case, module color will be green which regulates the traffic flow rate at intersections. Therefore, drivers reach their homes in time.

In addition to the color options, housing options are available as sintra housing and standard housing. The power consumption is 8 watts for this product.