Diameter (LED module) : 200 mm
Housing / Mask Material Type : Polycarbonate (% 100 PC)
Housing Color : Black / Grey-Black
LED (Type / Color) : Power LED, Red / Green
Light Distribution : Fresnel Lens
Power Factor : PF > 0.9, THD < %20
Phantom Class : 5
Power Consumption : 8 Watt / Module
Input Voltage:  220 V AC 50 Hz
Certificates : TS EN 12368:2015, IP 65
Product Type and Codes :
SN-01-20-250 : Black / Standard Housing/ 5,20 kg
SN-04-40-250 : Black / Sintra Housing/ 5,50 kg
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Ileri Traffic Market

200mm Pedestrian Light

Traffic lights are an extremely useful technology product that regulates the flow of traffic at intersections, makes life easier and saves time where traffic is intense. Traffic lights determines how pedestrians and vehicles should act in traffic. We can take precautions by relying on traffic lights in order to prevent any dangerous situations.

Our Power LED Signals are used in 81 cities in Turkey and more than 40 countries in the World.

Power LED modules which certified with TS EN 12368 protection class against IP 65 water and dust, are used in our Signal Housings.

The body and the holding equipments of the modules are manufactured from 100% UV PC material.

Sintra products are manufactured according to the traffic and roadsafety standards.

TRAFFIC SIGNAL LIGHTS from Turkish Manufacturer to all over the World as traffic & road safety market leader, exports to 40 countries.