Product Code : LD-03-01-100
Pixel distance : 16 mm
Pixel configuration : 1R 1G 1B
Number of pixels (m2) : 3.844
Plastic parts : UV resistant PC
Module Dimensions : 1024 x 1024 mm
IP level : IP 67 (front) | IP 54 (rear)
Weight : ~60 kg
Power consumption (avg.) : ~270 Watt
Viewing angle (H x V) : 140° / 60°
Lifespan (%50 brightness) : 100.000 hours
Electricity connection : 220 V AC 50 Hz
Working temperature range : -25°C / +55°C
Humidity range : %10 / %90
Software : Windows based
Control interface : USB
Remote control (optional) : 3G Modem

Variable message signs are one of the most effective ways to warn drivers on urban and express ways. The desired message can be written to the system. You can easily alert drivers to the current status of the road with this feature.

Variable message signs can broadcast text messages and road sign graphics. Pixel distance is between 10-16mm. Number of pixels per m2 is 3.844 pixels. Each module is in 1024 x 1024 mm sizes and the weight is 60kgs. The plastic parts that used on variable message sign is made of UV resistant materials. The front part of the system is compatible with IP 67, the rear part is compatible with IP 54 standards. The power consumption of variable message sign is about 270 watts.

There is windows-based software and USB control interface on the VMS. Remote control is available optionally. Therefore, it is not necessary to reach the VMS modules in order to change the messages. This will also reduce the labor cost to minimum.

Variable message sign mostly seen in express ways, tunnel entrance, highways and in areas where vehicle density is too high. Variable Message Signs play an important role in reducing driver errors and accidents.