Electrical Characteristics
Power : 10 Watt
Open Circuit Voltage : 21.00 Volt
Short Circuit Current : 0.61 Amp
Voltage at Maximum System : 17.00 Volt
Current at Maximum Power : 0.59 Amp
Maximum System Voltage : 600 V
Physical Parameters :
Length x Width x Thickness : 300 x 350 x 22 mm
Weight : 1.35 kg
Junction Box : IP 65Measurement Tolerance on Power /- %5. All electrical parameters specified at STC:25°C cell temperature; 100mW/cm² irradiance; AM 1.5
Other Characteristics

Front Face : Tempered Glass (Low Iron)
Frame :   Anodized Aluminium
Certifications : IEC 61215 / IEC 61730-1 / IEC 61730-2 / TÜV Safety Class II
Warranty : Up to 25 years limited extended Warranty
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Solar panels are the primary source of renewable energy. Solar panels turn the sun’s heat and light into electric energy and make it useable in many places. Solar panels are advantageous compared to artificial energies. Apart from the residential areas and working places, it is used where there is no electricity. On the other hand, we can see the solar panels in road safety products. Solar LED traffic signs and solar flashers are an example of this. It is possible to obtain energy in different power and voltage by connecting these solar panels in series or parallel.

10-Watt solar panel has a polycrystal structure. Low iron tempered glass is used in polycrystal solar panel. Solar cells are cooling by the anodized aluminum frame. The terminal box located the back is in accordance with IP65 standards. The dimension of 10-Watt polycrystal solar panel is 300 x 350 x 22 mm. The weight of the solar panel is 1,35kg. IEC 61215 / IEC 61730-1 / IEC 61730-2 / TUV safety class II certificates are available. Open circuit voltage of the solar panel is 21 V. Up to 600 volts serial connection can be made. Maximum current power of 10 W polycrystal solar panel is 600 milliampere.